As a dentist, I have been blessed with the ability to help people in need. Seeing and caring for people with all types of oral health issues, and using my abilities to get them out of pain and improve their smiles, makes me feel good. I know I made the right decision when I chose the dental profession: I like making a positive difference in the lives of my patients, people I care about, and who I want to have healthier happier lives.

I became a dentist because I wanted to have the knowledge to improve people’s lives, health, and wellbeing. When I am able to use my skills and experience to help a patient, whether they have a bothersome toothache, a cracked tooth, or they want a brighter smile, I know that their life will be better as a result of what I have done for them and that is incredibly rewarding.

Too, I appreciate the long-term relationships I have developed with many of my patients. They have become more than patients: they have become friends. Our conversations are wonderful and I always learn something during our chats. Even after 47 years of practicing dentistry, I still look forward to coming to work each morning, because I know I’m going to have some fascinating interactions and be presented with some treatment challenges, which will stimulate my mind and call on my abilities in order to meet the needs of my patients, the needs of my friends.

Education and Continuing Education

I was awarded my Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Manhattan College, New York University. Since that time, I have actively pursued continuing education opportunities in all aspects of dentistry, in order to broaden my knowledge and hone my skills. My patients trust me to provide the right, proven care for their unique needs and I can only do that if I stay up-to-date with the newest technologies and treatment methodologies. I have been a member of the Panky-Mann Study Club for 40 years, and that organization continues to provide me with relevant oral healthcare information and chances to learn.

Professional Memberships

Outside of Work

I’ve lived in Layton, NJ, for more than twenty years. My family is my highest priority and I love spending time with my wife Sharon, six children, and nine grandchildren. We’re animal people and have two dogs, seven horses, and 30 Hereford show cattle.

I tend to stay active when I’m not at the office. Handball is my passion, but I enjoy water and snow skiing, horseback riding, and watching my son show his cattle, too. I’m also a Board Member of the 20 Club, which serves the needs of First Responders.


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